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Bodies Barbells and Bagels

Feb 26, 2018

Episode 4. Cult Diets with Brendan McCormack
So what is the best diet for fat loss? Optimal Performance? And overall health? In this HUGE episode we discuss the results of a 12 month study Brendan undertook on himself trialling IIFYM, KETO, VEGAN and CLEAN eating diets for 12 week periods and the results on not only body fat but also blood markers, performance in the gym and bedroom and also general compliance to diets and feedback. Giving our scientific feels on the results and also explaining a summary of all data.


*INTRO- 0:00 to 5:37
*TIP FOR HIM & HER- HIM 5:37 to 9:22;                                  *TIP FOR HER 9:22 to 16:50

*TOPIC OF THE DAY: Intro with Brendo-16:50 to 23:50

- CLEAN EATING MEAL PLAN: 23:50 to 35:32

- KETO: 35:32 to 58:48

- VEGAN: 58:48 to 1:18:00

- IIFYM (Flexible Dieting): 1:18:00 to 1:29:30

*SUMMARY & OUTRO- 1:29:30 to 1:45:30

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